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9th July 2021

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Sheppy’s Cider Limited is an independent family-run business. 

Sheppy’s Cider has its own bottling plant, which utilises some staff on a casual basis.  Bottling takes place most frequently on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but is very much in response to demand and is, consequently, variable and quite seasonal.  During periods of peak demand bottling may extend to four or even five days a week (Monday to Friday).  Once a year (Winter) there may be an operational shut-down for up to two weeks for maintenance.  Employees are given as much notice as possible for future work; which is usually planned one week ahead, but occasionally a request may be made at short notice.

This job is regarded as a casual position, so you will only be asked to work when bottling work is available.  Equally, we do not require any more commitment from you beyond attending for work when you have agreed to do so.  Failure to attend, and on time, prevents bottling starting until a full team is in place.

The work is of a repetitive nature.  This job will normally commence at 8.00 am and will extend until the end of the bottling day (usually about  3.30pm), after which you may be required to do general tidying up or other jobs ready for the next day’s bottling.  The length of time a bottling session takes is unpredictable and may extend in the event of high demand or mechanical problems.  The post holder would be expected to be available until the session ends. 

The Bottling Job

The post holder will work in one of three positions on the bottling line and will change places regularly throughout the session.

At the start of the line, the job is to put empty bottles onto the conveyor for filling. 

The middle position on the line is a where visual inspection of the bottles takes place, checking that each has labels, a cap, batch code and is properly filled.  While doing this trays are made up and placed on the line.

At the end of the line bottles come out of the shrink wrapper in film-wrapped cases.  Each case has to be given a label then placed in a patter on a pallet for despatch to the customer. 

The pace of work is determined by the bottling line and the post holder will need to be dextrous, focussed on the job and alert at all times during bottling. 

While we make every effort to make working in this post as comfortable and easy as possible, the repetitive nature of the job is not suited to everybody. If you have previously suffered any upper body injury or pain (eg. back, neck or shoulders), you should make us aware of this, so that we can ensure that the job is tailored, as far as possible to your needs.  You should be aware that you will not be allowed to work on our production line if you have any piercings or jewellery (except plain wedding ring) which you are not prepared to remove.

A probationary period will apply, during which attention will be given to the post-holder’s ability to do the job effectively and comfortably.  The hourly rate is £8.91.  Payment is made directly into your bank account weekly.  Additional work may be available to candidates who prove themselves willing and suitable to do work in any other part of the business.

Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years old to work in production.  


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