Low Alcohol Cider

Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider has been crafted to have the same flavour profile of our traditional cider range but with less alcohol. It is made with a carefully selected blend of Somerset’s finest traditional and dessert cider apples and is designed to be just as enjoyable as our Classic Draught Cider

Drink Wise Wales says:

"It’s got the aroma of a good cider, and most importantly, it’s got the taste of a great cider. Our taste testers couldn’t quite agree what they liked about it, but they all liked it.  For some, it reminded them of proper farm scrumpy. Others thought it was smoother than that. But everyone agreed, if this was plonked in front of you in the pub, you’d be quite happy to drink it all night. Five out of five, we say."

Gold Medallist at the International Cider Awards 2019! At just 0.5% ABV, this traditional, classic cider remains true to our cider-making heritage and methods, featuring the same award-winning base cider blends that make up our core range.

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