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OK, we know you're thinking this is going to be an episode of The Archers...

New modern development opening at Three Bridges Farm

The what’s and the why’s: Sheppy’s was established in 1816, and since then many things have changed for the Sheppy family. In 1917 the family relocated from Congresbury to Three Bridges Farm, Bradford-on-Tone. This was where Stanley Sheppy began to make cider and where the brand is still located today. Over the last 100 years […]

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Music and Cider Festival – SheppyFest 2016

We had an absolutely amazing time we had at SheppyFest this year. The weather was extremely unkind to us but never the less there were plenty of smiles, music and of course Sheppy’s Cider to get us through the day. Muddy tracks, pouring rain and stormy clouds created what can only be described as a […]

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1816 is the earliest time we know that a Sheppy was making cider, like all farmers did, for himself and his farm labourers.  The family was at Iwood, near Congresbury, Bristol in those days and two branches of the family were involved; one running the mill and the other farming the land.  An old will marks […]

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200 years is a long time for any business to trace its roots back, and we are marking this special year with some exciting things. The first is a brand new cider called Old Conky which recognises our history and location in the affectionate nickname given to the great Iron Duke after the battle of Waterloo […]

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Guided Tours

Come down to the farm for a guided tour and a trip around the museum

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