Our Process

We’d like to say it’s all in a secret recipe, but there isn’t one. It’s actually all about experience and craftsmanship.

We start picking our apples at the end of September

When the first cider apples begin to ripen and fall we dust down our tractors and they are picked up and put into one of our trailers. This lasts until the end of November.

The apples can then be taken away for pressing

The picked apples are then taken back to the farm and tipped into one of our apple bays ready for pressing.

We use water to clean and move our apples through to be crushedWe use water to clean and move our apples through to be crushed

Water conveys the apples to an elevator and from there into a final wash bath. All extra bits such as twigs and branches are then brushed out and removed.

Time to crush the apples into a pulp

Once our apples are all lovely and clean it is then time for them to go into our mill for crushing. They are then spread between the twin belts on the press to squeeze out beautiful pure apple juice.

The juice is pumped away for natural fermentation

We blast our belts with water to make sure they always remain clean and clear of pulp. The juice is collected in a stainless steel juice pit and pumped away in underground pipes to oak vats and steel tanks for natural fermentation.

Everything is used and nothing is wasted

All the residual dry matter or 'Pommace' from the apples is collected for food used over the winter months to feed our cattle.

This all goes towards making our award winning ciders

The apple juice is allowed to ferment naturally to create a wide range of Sheppy’s renowned ciders.

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