Our Farm

That’s 370 acres of lovely, fertile Somerset.


Three Bridges Farm
Arable crops of wheat, oats, barley, field beans and grass ley are grown in rotation over approximately 250 acres. Cereal crops are harvested in July, August and September, and are used for sale and to produce cattle feed for the farm.
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Our Orchards
There are 90 acres of cider apple orchards, about half of which are standard trees and half are bush trees. A standard tree is produced from a root stock and builds a good ‘stem’ or trunk which has no branches for 6 feet. It does not produce a good crop of apples for about 15 years, and its best yield is between the ages of 30-60 years.
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The Farm and Environment
Very little goes to waste on the farm. Here pommace (dry apple pulp after pressing) goes for cattle feed, pruned apple wood is used for logs by family and staff, wood chippings are used for surfacing and even our biodegradable packaging waste is used as cattle bedding.

A mixture of rare breed chickens are kept in the run adjacent to the pond. These provide eggs for the house.

Wild ducks inhabit the pond along with rare breeds of ducks, geese and swans. Moorhen also nest on the island.

A small flock of 40 Wiltshire Horn sheep is kept to graze the orchards. This is a slightly unusual “traditional” sheep breed with a good frame, but which does not require shearing. Lambing usually takes place here in March or April.

Bulls & Cows
The Three Bridges herd now comprise 30 breeding cows and 2 bulls. Longhorns are a traditional beef breed, with a reputation for fine meat quality.

Three Bridges Longhorns
Beautiful and fascinating old English cattle…
In 2002 David Sheppy started the pedigree Three Bridges Longhorn herd with the purchase of two in-calf heifers. These are reared as sucklers (calves left on their mothers), to grow towards maturity before being selected for future breeding, or for meat production. Our first calf (Delilah) was born in April 2002 and has gone on to win several prestigious prizes at the Royal Bath and West and the Three Counties agricultural shows.
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