Well, it actually means it’s made from apples grown on the same farm in the same year. Our Vintage Reserve is a proper cider drinker’s cider.

Vintage Cider

“Vintage” is a word which denotes very high quality in traditional cider-making. Associated with the blend of cider apple varieties which are selected to produce this complex, high-tannin vintage taste, “vintage” is now also associated with the year in which the apples are harvested.

Vintage Reserve Cider

Our Vintage Reserve Cider is made exclusively from apples grown on the farm in a single harvest, and includes traditional varieties such as Yarlington Mill, Harry Master’s Jersey and Chisel Jersey. Vintage Reserve is a proper cider drinkerÕs cider with a substantial ABV of 7.4%. It is always matured in oak vats and has become our most popular 500 ml product, both with our customers and with the judges who have awarded many prestigious prizes for this particular cider.
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