Single Variety

We’d love to wax lyrical about our old varieties, but really it’s all about a distinctive and frankly gorgeous flavour... four to choose from.

Let's talk single varieties

David Sheppy first introduced Sheppy's single variety cider range in 1998 when the first glimmer of a resurgent interest in cider began. Varieties selected for this use have to have enough distinctive character and quality to make a really good cider, and we have chosen four varieties, all of which are pressed from apples grown in our own orchards.

Kingston Black Cider

Kingston Black is an old Somerset apple which is not widely grown now, being slightly challenging for modern commercial orcharding. It has beautiful dark red/purple fruit and produces the really good quality juice which goes into our dry Kingston Black Cider.
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Dabinett Apple Cider

Dabinett on the other hand is a widely-grown quality commercial Somerset apple and is a significant variety in our orchards; going into some of our blends and creating our gutsy medium-tasting Dabinett Apple Cider.
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Taylor's Gold Cider

Taylor’s Sweet is another old cider apple which is rather hard to find nowadays. Low in both tannin and acidity, this sweet apple produced our popular Taylor’s Gold Cider. 
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Falstaff Cider

Falstaff is the last of our four single variety ciders and is made from a delicious dessert apple. The cider is pale and light­ tasting with a luscious sweetness and a hint of pears.
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