Ciders with not just apples? We suspect Richard Sheppy would have raised an eyebrow. But he would have admitted they are rather good.

Innovative Creations

Fruit and flavoured ciders have been some of the most innovative creations to be seen in the cider market over recent years, and have attracted many new drinkers to try cider.

Raspberry Cider

Raspberry is a robust flavoured fruit with a delicious sharpness which we have blended with traditional Somerset cider to make Cider with Raspberry; an irresistible cider for Summer leisure time.
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Cider with Elderflower

Cider with Elderflower is the latest addition to the range. Made from dessert apple cider and delicious elderflower infusion, this is a heady aromatic delight for a lazy, sunny day.
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Blackberry and Elderflower Cider

Quality is absolutely central to all of the ciders we make and our high juice content ciders form the base of our three flavoured ciders. The newest of our flavoured ciders uses a light dessert apple blend and has the aromatic quality of elderflowers with the fruitiness of fresh ripe blackberries. The combination captures perfectly the essence of Somerset's sunny hedgerows.
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Mulled Cider

Sheppy's Mulled Cider combines a traditional cider blend with delicious aromatic spices. Once the stuff of the annual pagan Wassail festival, this is an ideal drink for every occasion when the nights are dark and chilly. It is also popular in our tea room as a chilled summer drink.
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