...or scrumpy to give it its traditional name. Produced by Sheppy’s since before Queen Victoria sat on the throne.

Farmhouse Draught Cider (Scrumpy)

Farmhouse Draught or scrumpy cider is foundation of the cider business here at Three Bridges Farm. The name “Scrumpy” is often a puzzle to visitors. Scrumpy is an old country name given to the natural, unpasteurised cider which every Somerset farmer made over the centuries for himself and for his farm hands to take to the fields in their wooden firkins.

Sheppy’s Farmhouse Draught cider is available in dry, medium and sweet from half a gallon to 20 litres at a time, and is an excellent sharing cider ideal for parties, weddings or any social occasion but it does have a limited shelf life in some packaging. This cider is made from a variety of home-grown apples fermented in oak.

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