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**We are experiencing unprecedented order quantities and are currently awaiting packaging before we can supply further bottles for delivery, however, we can still offer you delivery on the Bag in Boxes or the opportunity to collect your bottled cider order from The House of Cider.


Mixed Case - Apple Cider

12 x 500ml Mixed Case - Apple

3 x 200 Special Edition (5% ABV) 3 x Original Cloudy (4.5% ABV) 3 x Traditional Vintage Reserve (7.4% ABV) 3 x Classic Draught Cider (5.5% ABV)

Out of Stock

Mixed Case - Fruit Cider

12 x 500ml Mixed Fruit Cider

6 x Raspberry (4% ABV) 6 x Elderflower (4% ABV)

Out of Stock

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